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Technodrome is shay ben haiun born in 1981 and originaly from the south of israel {kiriat gat}and roy ben michael {live act} Shay discovered the trance music in 1996 and he knew that he will be in this scene for a long time. He started to play in a few nature and friends partys but it wasn..t enougth so he started build his studio in 2002 and started to make his own music under the name TECHNODROME. Full power production that has only one intrest- to destroy the dance floor technodromes music is a mix of dark and full on with hyperactive bassline sharp kick, and crazy leads. this mix created for both worlds to enjoy. Technodromes music has already been played in portugal,greece, russia,japan,spain,cyprus,mexico, and israel and create a chaos in dancefloor. Technodrome has already released his first album EARTHQUAKE in 2005 this album played in parties all over the world. Right now he is working on a few tracks for compilations and also working on his second album that will be released soon!!! side projects: time twisters{with khopat} rocket crew{with daniel shiloah}