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It would be the understatement of the year to say that Technoboy – alias Cristiano Giusberti ’ has taken the dance world by storm. Since Europe discovered the qualities of this born and bred Italian dj/ producer around 2000, his worldwide career has been launched like an explosive missile. As one of the creators of the immense popular hardstyle-sound, his reputation as a cult-artist drastically changed over the years. During his stunning performance this year at the world’s biggest indoor dance-event Sensation Black with over 30.000 visitors, Technoboy proved why he is nowadays called one of the leading artists of the hardest styles of dance. Technoboy is a superstar-dj and collects an insane amount of airmiles every weekend, spinning in numerous countries all around the globe.

Cristiano started his dj-career in 1992 and in the following years worked as resident in several Italian clubs like Living (1992-1994), Pachito Club (1992-1994), Elixer Vitae by Cassero (1993-1995) and Escape (1994-1995), Savioli (1994), Station (1995-1998), Utopia & Kinky (1995-1996), Orbital Summer Session @ J&J (1998), Fed-Ex @ Teatriz (2001-2002) and East Side (2001-2002). In 1992 he became an A&R manager at ‘Route 66 Music Market for DJ’s’ and between 1996 and 1998 he started producing and doing A&R for ‘Arsenic Sound’. In 1999 he joined one of the biggest record companies in the world ‘The SAIFAM Group’ and the label Alternative Sound Planet. It was in October 1999 when the artist name Technoboy was born. At that time, Cristiano finished two tracks for the Titanic label and needed a cool and catchy alias for his production work. Although the artist name Technoboy might suggest that Cristiano’s original and diverse style can be described as techno, nothing is more further from the truth. Technoboy stands for hard, energetic and banging dance that is often been called hardstyle.

At the moment, Technoboy is an artist in the harder dance scene with probably the most labels and sub labels under his belt: Dance Pollution, Red Alert, Titanic Records, Bonzai Italy, Green Force and BLQ. As a producer he created hundreds of tracks ’ and a countless amount of floor killers ’ using 30 different aliases. He also produced many famous acts like DJ Gius, Luca Antolini, Nitro, Klone, Pacific Link, The Hose, Spiritual Project, Giada, The KGB’s, K-Traxx, Citizen, TNT, Hardstyle Masterz, Tuneboy and Technoboy. It was in the beginning of the new millennium when Holland discovered this innovative producer from Italy who created a fresh and exciting sound. Within a few years, the whole country was seriously infected by the Italian hardstyle-virus and originator Technoboy became a superstar-dj in Holland who closed the massive DefQon festival five years in a row!

Ever since his introduction in Holland, he has played at every big (hardstyle) event, like Mysteryland (45,000 visitors), Hard Bass (12,000), Decibel Outdoor (20,000), Qlimax (25,000), Defqon (30,000) and Sensation Black (40.000), but he also performed at major events in Belgium (Tomorrowland), Switzerland (Sonic) and Germany (Airbeat One).

Nowadays, the 33 year old Technoboy is a popular dj/ producer in many different countries – UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Romania and Hungary ’ and performed in several big clubs abroad (Metropolis in Paris/ France, Oxa in Zurich/ Switzerland, MAD in Geneva/ Switzerland, Giga Park in Dalmen/ Germany, Bionic in Cardiff/ UK, Complex in Sint-Niklaas/ Belgium, Piramida in Katowice/ Poland, Waterworld in Johannesburg/ South Africa, etc.). His main goal for the future is to spread his hardstyle-word all over the planet, kick ass on every international dance floor and share his unconditional love for hardstyle with as many people as possible.