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Its been a long journey so far for the boys from Wales!

Establishing themselves firmly within the industry and impressing the worlds finest DJ’s time and time again, Taylor & Close have repeatedly come up with the goods since the start of 2010. Their remake of the Energy 52 classic ‘Cafe Del Mar’ being at the forfront of the years successes with plays all around the world from the likes of Tiesto, Markus Schulz and Gareth Emery to name a few. The remake earned a place in Marcus Schulz’s Global DJ Top 15 2010 Compilation and in doing so shot to the top of the charts for the second time running.

Regular plays on Tiesto’s Clublife has helped them break through onto the world stage and become noticed by all the right people.

Their recent signing to Marcel Woods’ record label ‘Musical Madness’ is in the words of Taylor and Close, ‘fuckin bangin’ and is the first of many to come so look out clubbers! With this, the legendary Mr Woods already has the boys remixing one of his 2010 hits, ‘Tomorrow’. He has also chosen to include their musical madness release ‘Into Ontario’ on the Godskitchen 2010 3D album mixed by Wippenberg and Marcel Woods himself.

When these two young boyo’s are entertaining the crowds, let me tell you, they don’t do it by half measures. Their energy has a massive influence in their performance and fills the room. They can certainly deliver the goods to the dancefloor on any occasion.

With many hours spent week in, week out over the last year in the studio they call the ‘duck cabin’, big releases will surely follow, so keep a close eye and an ear out for the Welsh boyo’s’ Taylor & Close’