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After having the adorable voice of Janl (Lunik, Delerium, Mich Gerber) singing on her last years smash hit “’84 Always on my mind”, Tatana choose to collaborate for her new single “All that I feel” with another star of the Swiss music scene. Pee from the band Dada ante Portas! The single is taken from Tatana’s forthcoming 8th mix-album “Peace & Love” (Sirup/TBA), follow up to her number 1 album “Neonlights” (2004). The cd includes numerous new tracks by Tatana. Therefore she cooperated again with Swiss producers Franky Fonell/Chris Reece. The leading Swiss DJane presents with “Peace & Love” a typical DJ Tatana trance mix. The listener can dive into full, beautiful electronic harmonies and is sent to the seventh heaven of trance. Ever since Tatana Sterba mixed the “Live At Street Parade” CD in 1998 she has been the icon of Switzerland’s Trance scene. Whenever this 27-year-old DJane from Zurich is behind the turntable at raves such as “Energy” or in clubs like OXA in Zurich and MAD in Lausanne, she gets a grip on her audience like none other. Her true fans can always be found on the front row, with their homemade Tatana banners. As female producer of hits such as “Dream Off”, “End Of Time” (with DJ Energy) and “Words”, she’s a member of Switzerland’s Premier trance league. English magazine “M8” enthusiastically wrote: “The way she builds up her sets is wonderful, to see Tatana mixing is the dream of every music knower”. The self-made woman was born on 7th August 1976 in former Czechoslovakia. Whilst at school she played various different instruments and was already developing a sensitive feel for music. She also attended dancing schools for ballet and jazz. At the beginning of the Swiss techno and house movement, Tatana was dancing the night away at parties and so came into contact with many influential people in the industry. In May 1994, at the tender age of seventeen, she first had the opportunity to impress everyone with her talent during a party at Groodonia in Ra’fcmlang. Some small gigs in and around Zurich followed, and in the same year she had the opportunity to prove herself at bigger events such s Futurescope, Evolution, Magic Kingdom and Metropolis. In 1997 Tatana produced her own first record, released on Liquid Records, in Frankfurt’s Polaris-Studio, along with the German star producer Torsten Stenzel (Taucher, DJ Sakin & Friends). On 8th August 1998, she did a set for the Street Parade and at Energy ‘98, the biggest event of its kind in Switzerland. Her second production, “Tatana – The second Chapter E.P.” followed at the end of August 1998 on Liquid Records. In November 1998, Tatana’s first own Mix-CD, “Tatana The Mix Vol. 1”, was released. In 1999 she produced the single “End of Time” along with DJ Energy. In April she mixed the “Goliath” CD. In the summer, she was offered the chance to produce the official CD for Street Parade in Zurich, along with its anthem, “More Than Words”. In 2000 she released her Mix-CD “24 Karat”, which reached ninth place in the official Swiss charts. Together with the band M.O.P.E she developed a live act totally new to the trance scene. With this she was able to inspire the crowds at “Heitere Open Air” in Zofingen and the Energy 00 in the Hallenstadion. In November, she managed to conquer the Swiss market straightaway with her next Mix-CD, “Pure Elements”. The follow-up Mix-Album, “Pink Punk” (released May 2001) made number five in the album charts and paved the way for the decisive success of “Superpop”. Beside that, she walked off with a platinum award for the “Energy 2001” Compilation and gold for “Energy 2002”. “Wildlife” (2003) which featured the single “Moments” rocketed to the number one spot of the Swiss Album Charts. Not less successful were DJ Tatana’s mixes for the “Energy – the annual” compilation (01, 02 and 04), the platinum selling “Energy 03” double-cd (together with DJ Energy) and the “Street Parade 04” compilation (platinum award for over 50,000 units sold). For the Swiss trance princess and Switzerland’s most successful DJ ever, 2005 will be without a doubt another phenomenal year full of success.