Dj Tápia Tápia He has begun his career when was 16 years old, has made parties for friends. He has always been eager of something new, he became a hard researcher. O... read more
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Dj Tápia

Tápia He has begun his career when was 16 years old, has made parties for friends. He has always been eager of something new, he became a hard researcher. On 90’s he started listening house, garage, speedy garage e acid house, but from his first performance of John Digweed, Sasha, Danny Howells, Hernan Cattaneo, some productions of Sander Kleinenberg, Danny Tenaglia and so many others, Tápia got a stanished at listening what this djs hás played in that time deep, progressive house and trance, he also found out eletronic music.

In 1998 he began to play eletronic music, playing progressive house, he was resident dj at Club Mythos in 2001 he has stayed for more than two years. It has been there, where a serious work has begun direct to eletronic music, working with nationaland international names like dj’s and producers like: Renato Cohen, Anderson Noise, Jason Bralli, Mau Mau, Carlo Dall?anese, Leozinho, Bruno Vieira, Santiago, Marky, Patife, Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, Marcello Castelli, Nick Robertson, Tito Heron, Luiz Nieva e Miguel Silver(spitfire). In 2003 was contracted to work for DOT, in Santos – SP, a wet with several leight clubs in Brazil were he stayed as a resident dj, always being invited several known dj’s of eletronic music such as: Grace Kelly Dum, Adriano Pagani, Anderson Noise, Ingrid, Julio Torres, Ricardo Coppini, ClaudioI, Lucky, André Ribeiro, Andy, Luiz Pareto, where he stayed until 2004. Soon after he took on the monthly resident at club Breezy, where he has been for two months.

In 2005 has already started producing his own musics, and going on playing at parties, clubs, events and radios were he tought as dj (radio Jovem Pan FM). In the same year, he has fallen for electro and found out in this way a new path to the music, in this way a new path to the music to that time on, has born with Luiz Fernando Almeida, owner of Superbacana Djs and a known producer between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo as Xarope , Dance Balance among others, and this gave rice to the project Di Quinta! A semanal night guest weight djs like: Luiz Pareto, Glaucia ++, Márcio Vermelho, Serge, Nega, and the main goal amusement, especially to be turned into a hot night and this event has been haffened in the best dancing places of the world. Now he have a space at Na Balada radio show where he invite many djs from different countries and styles at Jovem Pan Santos 95,1 FM.

His sets of Progressive house, Minimal and electro: Are full of dark enviroment, dark groove, hipnotic, deep and dirty actually being able to make everybody dances until dawn, and peopleburst into cries while dancing. Who has already danced at the sound of his musics knows well, he’s really cool

He played at, parties clubs among other events, such as: Sunset Disco (Buenos Aires – Argentina), Soho (Punta del este – Uruguay), Mythos (Santos – SP), DOT (Santos – SP), Jump (Santos – SP), MIllenium (Santos – SP), Mistral (Guarujá – SP), Moby Dick Café (Santos – SP), Ilha Pompeba (Santos – SP), Phoenix (Guarujá – SP), Bar do Pirata (Juquehy – SP), Festival de Verão (Juquehy – SP), Praia de São Vicente (São Vicente – SP), Avelino-s (Guarujá – SP), Mercado Mundo Mix (Santos – SP), Karuna (Santos – SP), Breezy (Santos – SP), Carpe Noctem (Santos – SP), Armazém da Ilha (Guarujá – SP), Marina do Satélite (Itanhaém – SP), Marina Daipré (Itanhaém – SP), Capital Disco (Santos – SP), Retro Lounge (Santos – SP).