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Tanya Aurel

Frankfurt Am Main, Germany


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Tanya Aurel was born in Hanau (close to Frankfurt a.M / GER) on 24.07.1983. Already in her pre-teen her interest in music rose. At the soft age of ten years, she learned how to play guitar from the pathfinder.

In1998 a new stage of life started when she developed her passion to electronic music at the good old “Paramount Park” in Rödermark. Once in 1998 she joined a afterhour in the “U60311” in Frankfurt Am Main. She was hardly suprised by the atmosphere and the music – at this moment she thought she..d like to do more than dancing. Tanya did her first experiments as a Deejane with a close friend (Erik Möller) who let her use his equipment. They realised that she has a lot of potential.

In the middle of 2003, she could actualize the dream of her own turntables. Starting to collect vinyls and working on her own style she gianed a lof of fun and experiences. At some weekends, she left her home loaded with vinyls and came often back on Monday. Her smart kind to combine the music with harmony, completed the ultimate style. She called attention to herself with her distinctively Tech – House / Electro Sound and managed to make the audience dancing.

The more she deployed her artistically work the more comprehensive was the list of actors she played with. Today, she..s happy not only to live out her passion on the floor also to affect the beat and the feeling

it was possible affect to a lot of people in this short time.