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Japanese Father / Mexican Mother

World trotter-DIgital Lover-Music Maniac

Tanua began her music quest as a party organizer during her teenage years in Mexico City.

Her fascination with electronic music sparkled at the early age of 15 when she turned against her own pop

music generation becoming more interested in earlier styles like Synthpop, New Wave, Electro, Industrial and

all the other sonic innovations of the precedent generation , the 80’s. Depeche Mode, Bjork, Portishead and Radiohead were and still are

the most transcending sounds that she encountered.

The national rave scene motivated her to pursue more complex sounds, making her discover

new horizons to different styles and artists. This gave her the opportunity to start building her personal music collection. After a year happily buried in her basement playing alone with her records, she put her shyness aside and started sharing her music to others, quickly performing for renown and unknown venues all

over the country alongside famous and infamous artists.

In 2008, life took Tanua over to Europe where she started off taking a low musical profile, only giving priority to

her studies. However , the experience of living in 4 different countries in the last 7 years , increased her

inspirations and dramatically extended her musical vocabulary. She discovered underground Drum&Bass in

France along some friends coming from those freeparties generations. The huge music dynamism of Germany

and specially getting the thrill from being inside the Temple of Techno, not leaving behind her beloved country

Sweden where she got strongly influenced by the passionate energy of the Swedish crowd and very specially of their techno underground artists.

November 2012 Tanua decided to finally get established in the French part of Switzerland.

Her “fitness music sessions” , will take you in a journey through House, Warehouse, Techno and Dub Techno.

She already had the privilege to present her sound around some countries in Europe but very specially all

around her area in the most famous venues like : l’Usine, , La Ruche, Weetamix, D!Club ,Zukunft , Fri-Son .. …

reloading her motivation

to start to dedicate more time to music getting equipped to start some productions on her own and to continue to international venues such as the so famous Berlin’s Kater Blau where she already got booked 3 times this year.

To be continued…J