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Tamira is currently one of the top figures in DJ sphere and not only in Slovakia. Her passion for electronic- dance music and her unique sets, which she created at her mix, won many fans to her.

This is one of the reasons she appears on prestigious events, from which we would like to stress out mainly Amnesia Ibiza Parties Slovakia, Le Grande House, Topfest, Creamfields Central Europe Sundance and many more. Mostly, you can meet Tamira playing her mix at famous clubs and party places in Slovakia and Czech which she finds to be the most precious locations for one reason- it helped her to enter the world stages, where she is being well recognized.

She had performed as the main guest at Ministry of Sound a Hed Kandi in Egypt and other famous clubs in England, Spain, Hungary, Poland and Cyprus.

Gifted Tamira has mastered her first steps towards DJing successfully. She has gained experience and taste for music, which she needed to begin her own path. However, she is no longer satisfied with plain DJing. Her dream is to go further and besides well played sets she would like to present herself as a producer and so forth to contribute to electronic- dance music scene. She intends to introduce her own production shortly- in the following months.

We could be flattering Tamira with many more accomplishments of hers but frankly- she does not like that quite much. The best for you will be to enjoy her performance life, during one of her planned appearances.

One more thing deserves to be mentioned- in 2012 she faced an important decision after which she changed her former stage name Laddy M to the present name- Tamira. It is remarkable that her decision took place when she assigned herself among world’s DJs and understood that the former name inclined her towards DJs judged rather by their appearance.