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Tambour Battant

Paris, France


Boka Records, Boxon Records, Chateau Bruyant Records
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Influenced by Hip Hop, Techno and Rock alike, TAMBOUR BATTANT is one of these acts that make all barriers fall.

Feed to Bass music, Ben and Chico just cant stop searching, looking for any new exciting music to extract the best of it. Combining experiments and efficiency on a electro hip hop basis, the duet is now looking at glitch hop, fidget, dubstep, tropical, and baile funk.

An explosive mix that works perfectly on the dancefloor. Elected best Electro newcomers at French Festival Printemps de Bourges, they have toured France for the last couple of years, leaving excited crowds behind. Their hybrid live shows are somewhere between Rock concerts and Club sets. The two are literally sweating on their controllers, MPC pads, electronic drums and effects. Far, so far from your usual arm-crossed-behind-the-decks DJ.

Tambour Battant take you on an incredible journey through electronic musics. The whole thing starts with a handful of mighty glitch hop joints, then slightly moves to those typical French electro-rock tracks. All of a sudden, you re in Brasil dancing to Baile Funk, and before you know it, those fat Dubstep Subs are pushing the walls

Releasing a live album (Chip Jockey) and some banger Eps and remixes in 2010, the duet is now cooking some new stuff, pushing the limits as usual.

A fat meal, yet healthy!