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Talita Lamha

São Paulo, Brazil

Tech House

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Talita is interested in electronic music since 99. In 2003, no longer happy to be just on the dancefloor, she entered in a dj school. A month after graduation, the owner of the DJ school gave a birthday party and insisted that Talita should play at the party. It was the beginning of her career: at the same party received invitation to reside in the club Susi in Transe.

Since then she played at the best clubs in Brazil such as Lov.e, D-Edge, SPKZ, Clash, Vegas, Ampgalaxy, and at parties as Universo Paralello, E Force and Techno Route, playing then sets exclusively within the Techno trends (like groove, funky, hard) next to great artists like Marco Bailey (Belgium), Jerome Hill (UK), Jonty Skrufff (UK) and Mau Mau.

In mid-2006, Talita expanded her musical tastes: appreciating the sensuality, “dirty” vocals, introspective sounds, different timbres, remarkable, unprecedented, more varied and unexpected repetitions, introduced into their sets minimal and electro.

Today, at the age of 28s, with all this baggage, Talita Lamha presents a new totally different set, with subtle and precise mixes, influenced by electro, techno and minimal, that wins the audience each presentation. “I don’t make a set from this or that single style. Depending on the location, environment, the dancefloor, and my will, I choose the predominance of style from each set at the moment.”- she says.