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Dj Take is a Romanian Dj/Remixer and Producer.

He working with a variety of artist and dj from Romania and another contry.

In 2009 Dj Take produced the song ‘’Touch me’‘,this song is sign at Label ’’We Love Publishing’’ from Italy and this is publish at different compilation of Milano by Ibitza and more other.

In 2010 he started a new collaboration with Tony Ray (romanian singer/producer) and release the song ‘’Put Your Hands Up’‘, this song had a internation succes,so get the place 40/100 in European Top Radio Hit Grecce.

In the spring of 2011 he produced a new song in collaboration with Chriss-T ,the singer of the song LLP & John Puzzle feat Chriss-T – I miss you, and release the song ’’Feel’’.

2012 was a productive year for Dj Take but in the autumn of this year he moved in Bucharest for moore collaboration and release..

He produced with Mister Z (Lucky Man Project) the song “Vibe Drops – Supernatural”.

In July Dj Take has a new collaboration with Alexandra Shine and released the song called “It’s Gonna Be All Right”.

In the autumn of 2013 Dj Take start a new project named "’Dj Take & Adena’’ .Adena is the female singer of this project.

The first song of this project is ‘’Party Machines’’ .