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More than ten years of experience have created Tadeo as an artist. With the meticulousness of an erudite he has been experimenting, investigating and developing his sound on the dancefloors and in the studio, and now he is an established dj and producer, label manager of Cyclical Tracks and NET28 founder.

His concept of music goes beyond the standard and offers a unique experience full of personality, driven by passion and dedication, redifining languages and ideas. That’s his peculiar way of understanding techno, he conceives it as something dark, well arranged, powerful, solid and dark. He constructs imaginative and impossible dj sets using 3 cd players and a tr- 909, techno with superb skills.

The connection with the crowd has always been his main goal when facing a dancefloor. Maybe, he has the best sets of the actual panorama: never boring and always peculiar, well structured and meticulous, organic and deep… following the guidelines of an equation that he is the only one to know, and in which the results are unique.

In the studio he renews and combines the best of Detroit and Chicago with avant-garde sounds. Innovation is his goal, based on the mental influence of hypnotism and repetition – as a dub fan and producer as he is – to construct a universe of rounds that looks to the future and that is inspired by the Cosmos and science.

He also entered more experimental musical realms, performing live in the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Dos de Mayo Art Center and the 12ª Bienal de Cine Español de Annecy.