TactiK is dead..................R.I.P - (2003-2008) -Alex Brinken: A.K.A....Izuran -TactiK - Phonk808 - Mr C.I.A – From Barcelona With Love... His life has been allw... read more
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TactiK is dead………………R.I.P – (2003-2008)

-Alex Brinken: A.K.A….Izuran -TactiK – Phonk808 – Mr C.I.A – From Barcelona With Love…

His life has been allways surrounded by music since early age at home, listening to a wide range of styles, and taking piano lessons for 2 years. At the age of 16, back in 95, the computer mixer soundcard compressor & synth came into his for good… After 6 years dedicated to his first home studio back in Gran Canaria, he moved to Barcelona in 2001, where he studied “sound technician” and made his first serious projects and collaborations, experimenting with different directions & styles, therefore during the years he has created various AKA for the varied range of styles he produces, reserving hes own name for Techno productions

In 2004 Paco Osuna Invited him to play in his club in BCN alongside Marco Carola, and since then he has shared the stage with great artists such as Alexander Kowalski, Funk D’void, Devilfish, Davide Squillace, Thomas Brinkman, Devilfish Loppaz, Jona, Dean Coleman…

On stage he usually performs live sets, playing his tracks with non static structures which give him the possibility of adaptation & syncronization with the crowd on the dance floor, creating a music trip that evolves along the session without settling in a repetitive style.

in 2005 he released his first vinyl on Devilfish’s label “Frequent records” and launched his first label “BCNREC”; Since then, he is in a constant evolution, releasing & collaborating with various international labels & artists His work can be found in labels like Real Estate, Tapas, Gotham city records, Subconce, Unbeatble rec, Iigel. Manga, Houseworks, Iigel, Drakos…

After a period of releasing for other labels after the closdown of BCNREC he has now released a new label “Ahoren”, which intends to explore the limits of what we call Techno, in its different forms. Expect the unexpected….

Ahoren Artist & remixers: Alex Brinken, Devilfish, Tony Verdi, Dave Tarrida, Man-L, Lastckall Maziar, Joel Mull, Once Upon a Time (Davide Squillace) Thor 54, Crazy Erg, Kazu Kimura, C-system, A.R.A (Agent Orange), Parham Shafti…