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San Antonio, United States


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TYK started with his love for Trance years ago, and has since then developed a unique sound, bringing the light and dark sides of Trnce together! Starting as a Drummer and then as a pianist, for a total of 15 years, his love for music grows every day. Being a drummer for so long enabled TYK to take the feeling of House beats and combine them the massive sounds of deep, dark Trance. With this he storms the set with his massive beats, and deep, melodic synths. But its not just in the studio where TYK only produces, his set includes massive sampling so that he can truly create something fresh, on the spot! Known for constantly working in the studio, music seems to be his home.

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My love for music started over 15 years ago, to be more specific, it started by listening to Queen, following the beats of “We will Rock You”. As time went on I grew into all genres of music, never really picking a place to call my own. Starting off as a drummer I worked with friends on music, exploring the possibilities of where i could go in my life. Soon after my passion grew more and i taught myself the piano, a lot of my practice in Junior High School with band, practicing on the Marimba.

My Love for EDM started when I started high school. Searching Through youtube, my love for this music began with the early Trance tracks of Tiesto. Following him came Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Shogun, and Ali & Fila – Future Sound of Egypt, and of course Markus Schulz. Since then my list of artists that I have liked has grown massively, and so has my love of music and EDM. Through this past year I have had the chance to meet with amazing artists in the local San Antonio and Austin area, and i know the future holds many great things!

For me now, I look at my past, going through the different genres to shape who I am and what I love in my music. From “We Will Rock You” to massive tracks such as “Nothing Without me by Markus Schulz”, I have found what I like, my sound. And as time goes on, music expands, new ideas arise, and it is a journey I cannot wait to take!

“If you could only see whats in my head would you crawl into the space between the notes? would it be like washing upon the shores of a grey haven? What would you feel? silence, solitude, happiness, pure imaginary bliss? What would you see as the rain curtain of this world rolled back, and all turned to silver glass? The rushing waves, the sunset? Would you see in the distance the clashing of titans – the founders of music, as their notes beat the sides of Mount Olympus, tell me what would you see, this is my dream, it is my world, and i shall never leave. Music is, and always shall be, my first love.” – Tyler Kneupper