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From the horde of DJ’s vying for a position among Melbournes premium spinners, few can chart a steeper rise in rep and talent than T-WHITE.

A passion for sound from all areas of the musical spectrum combined with pure, raw talent has seen him explode into the burgeoning underground scene. Showcasing the finest in accessible electro & techno tracks, T-WHITE has risen from humble beginnings to peak-time slots in some of Melbourne’s most respected establishments. Over the past year he has been regularly sighted mixing his personal blend of electro and country boy cheek at TRAMP JUNGLE, TFU and KOROVA, as well as a ton of special events.

An hour or more on the tiles in the hands of T-WHITE is fast becoming the talking point for the nocturnal in the know and it’s no wonder, for a man who is prepared to test the upper limits of experimentation, he brings a level of consistency to his sessions that would make TRAVIS CLOKE weep.

His take-no-prisoners philosophy coupled with a guaranteed delivery of laser reaching highs, sub-maxing lows and drops you could fall from ensure T-WHITE is set to impact the eyes, ears and hearts of those in Melbourne and beyond.

On top of that, T-WHITE co-owns club night MISCHIEF MAKERS and is available as a solo act, or interstate and outta town as a fully-packaged club night, with a top-shelf DJ entourage bigger than a summer fest!