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Venray, Netherlands

Drum & Bass, House

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Dj T.T.M. or dj TTM started somewhere in the year 1982 as a hiphop dj/producer and expand his horizon to the dance scene. He was a true pioneer and active with loads of people like; Extince, Traumatic, MCM, 24K, Marcello, Mad Doc, Norbert Mannaert, Marco V, Rho, Break 3000, Maguro, Petro van de Pas, Robob, Funckarma, Kenny Larkin, Lenny D, Arkana, Discolective Atmosphere, Etienne Overdijk, Peter Gijselaers, Michel de Hey, Orlando Voorn, Remy, Guan Elmzoon, Jay D, Chad Jackson and many more. And many more to come….. He was out off order from the end of the year 2000 till beginning 2006 … After this long break, he’s back. He began whit his own club in the Netherlands called Club WOW and start playing again on the decks. In the end off 2008 he stopped with the club and start to follow his passion and hunger for making music. At this moment he’s working on some new tracks and remixes that you will hear in the near future. When he’s playing … Fasten your seatbelts …