Location: Detroit, United States United States
Genre: Electro House, Techno
Labels: Motech LTD


Language: English

T.Linder is one of the Detroit Underground’s best kept secrets. Extremely conscious of the historic significance of Techno in his hometown, T.Linder has done his homework and paid his dues. His street-honed DJ skills and dedication to Detroit’s electronic music tradition have earned him recognition and respect from many of his mentors.

He’s rocked hundreds of events in Detroit and throughout North America; Including such high-profile gigs as the World Electronic Music Festival in Ontario, Canada (2000) and the Underground Stage at the 2002 Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

Never one to follow fads, fashion or format, T.Linder’s track selection can cover a wide range of genres and eras in any given set. Audiences can expect him to drop anything from the Electro-funk of the early ’80s to white labels of brand new Techno tracks. Anything pressed to vinyl is potential ammunition for his arsenal.

In a recent interview, T.Linder was asked to define his particular style. Paraphrasing Derrick May, he answered, “It’s like Nitzer Ebb and Rakim stuck in a studio with only my vinyl to keep them company.”



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