T.A.R.D. Beatport


Matthew Harris known affectionately as T.a.r.d. ( Totally Awesome Radical Dj ) style is composed of over 10 years experience holding down numerous DJ residencies in nearly every venue in Orlando, as well as some hip venues across the U.S. Most notably in summer of 2002 as opening Dj for Orlando’s club Icon along side Globalunderground’s heavy hitters.

Begining in 1998 T.a.r.d. compiled over 6 years of Recording/Engineering residencies in several major studios, including Orlando’s famed Trans-Continental Studios. T.a.r.d. has now stepped into his own, writing and producing for indie labels such as Florida House Music / Sunkissed Records / GuessWho? and most recently (Q Burns and Atnarko’s new Orlando based label) Eight -Tracks.

T.a.r.d. is known for spinning a variety of Vinyl cuts from Deep Funk on up to Progressive House, designing the mix to the rooms prescription. His original work rides the Progressive line with elements of chunky House rhythms, interesting vocal snipets and thick bass lines.

T.a.r.d. most currently can be found sipping pints and dropping needles at his own intimate Orlando venue Crooked Bayou. Here he wears many hats as Vice President, Music Director, Art Director, Dj and occasionally Bartender. Crooked Bayou is recognized for its regular rotation of international A list Djs, hot local talent and finely tuned sound.