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It all started late in 2000 when Dj Rob little (Rob Biancetti) and Dj Datman (Justin Astbury) decided to put their years of experience together and form SystemBot? production outfit & live act. Over the past 5yrs SystemBot have put together a very tight & energetic live show. Recently the boys were named as one of the winners of the BK ?Systematic? remix comp and their remix is out now on Riot London (trackitdown). BK & Ed Real have also asked us to send them an original piece for BK to remix and release on Riot! London. SystemBot have also been involved with a lot of production work for Radio, TVC?s, Film & Corporate videos for clients like Mazda, Mitsubishi, Palmers Body Butter, Wolf Creek, Imagination Entertainment (DVD Board Games), BeatBox, Shorts Film Festival and so on. On top of this they have been helping other acts with there production, John Morley (Dj Kontrol), Skyver & D-Jon, Devious and Lukas York just to name a few.

Playing at most of the big parties in Adelaide & together with there more intermit club gigs they have come into a class of there own. In that time SystemBot has supported acts like ‘John Askew’, ‘Darude’, ‘Paul Glazby’, ‘Dave Clark’, ‘Grooverider’, ‘Tidy Boys’, ‘Pendulum’, ‘Sonic Animation’, ‘Kid Kenobi & Mc SureShock’, ‘Pee Wee Ferris’, ‘Bexta’, ‘Paul Holden’, ‘Ajax’ just to name a few. SystemBot are currently getting great airplay & support around the country from Fresh FM (Adelaide) where their track ?Ready Or Not? went to No1 on the Hype chart, KIK FM (Darwin), Whyalla Radio, Dj Josh, Bexta & Mark Dynamix. And now thru their web & My Space pages they are getting international support from a wide variety of people. If asked to describe the SystemBot sound you would have to say?? TRANCE! Everything from melodic vocal thru to Tech and Hard. But in saying that the boys regularly get there hands dirty with Techno, House, Electro, Drum & Bass, Breaks?..

The last couple of years have been very exciting for the lads with a lot of different projects to sink there teeth into. One thing they really sunk there teeth into in recent times has been with the movie project ?Wolf Creek? for which they were asked to create three totally different tracks for the party scene. They were then asked to create a single with film clip to canonized with the release of the movie around the world. This has been a real privilege and turning point for the guys allowing them to explore other musical genres and let me tell you that?s what they have done. The track ?Broken ‘N’ Twisted?(VillageRoadShow2006) is a collaboration of SystemBot, local producer Templar Monk (Justin Pounsett) and the amazing Kaye Tuckerman (Matrix, boy from oz?). With the male vocals being taken care of by B-Bop Mc (Benton Astbury).

The result surpassed even the groups? expectations. The film clip was an amazing bonus to both Auxiliary One and the music track, adding more emotion to further develop the feel and mood of the music. Skyver & D-Jon were asked to do a Drum & Bass remix for Aux One and man did they deliver! The result is out now on Simon Bass line smiths label Technique Recordings.