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Tokyo, Japan

Hard Dance

Oneway Records, Rebeat, Traffic Records
Syrus Beatport


DJ Syrus, a.k.a. Mickey has always had a love for music.( He’s been back in his hometown of Glendale, California for less than two years and is already becoming a local favorite. Returning from Tokyo, Japan he uses music as a means to express his inner self/emotions. The influence of the Tokyo underground scene has a very big impact on his sets. This very is apparent when listing to his sets. Growing so much in such a little time he has now been Dj’ing for over five years. His adaptability has proven to be valuable time after time.

Syrus has a unique playing style that consists of NRG, Hard Trance, U.K. Hard House, Hard Style and Trance, DJ Syrus tends to drift down towards the Dark-Side of his emotions during sets. His standard sets consist of an hour and fifteen minutes, (this is just a taste of what he has in store) it’s his longer sets that truly exemplify his creativity as a DJ. Looking beyond just matching beats and combining records that play well together, he takes it to another level with that Japanese / Asian twist. His primary goal is to make the audience feel the ultimate experience at a party. He just doesn’t want people to say “that DJ sounds like the rest of them”. He would like people to remember him as “WOW that guy’s not real, he’s a machine! That was the best set I have ever heard”. Perhaps to get the point across, that’s why he started to write my own tracks.

He began building a reputation for himself as one of Tokyo’s leading trance DJs. Best known for his gifted mixing skills and love for all Music. His followers continue to grow world wide.

He has been rated as the most popular & hardworking DJ in Tokyo, Japan for the year 2002. In 2001 he started working with the “Fader-masters World Wide” that now consists of 20 other DJ’s of high magnitude. In 2001 in spun his first party in Tokyo, Japan launching a massive of over 5000 plus. In late 2001 he composed his first Cd with the FMS (Fader-masters) released under Quake-records “500MG of NRG”. In the year 2002-03 he spun in ever major & underground event starting from Tokyo, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Guam, Saepan, China, Korea, and ending in Australia.

Over the past five years he has spun with some of the best from around the globe, Underworld, Bk, LAB 4, Warp Brothers, Sterling Moss, Oliver & Klitzing, Shinkawa, Hayashi, The Organ Donors, Hiro, Thee-o, Doran, Proteus, Kane Cold, The Guyver, Nish, John Robinson, ET-Q, DJ Uto, Eddy Halloyway, Tide Boys, Monobe and many respected others.

DJ Syrus live sets are something that shouldn’t be missed. His greatest strength is that he’s always ready for the unexpected and shows no signs of weakness, getting stronger track after track. His talent has given him residencies with 5 different countries, and plans to gain even more here shortly.

His Motto If you play what you love when the crowd is ready for it, you now have taken control of the crowed and have them in the palm of your hand.

Club Listings & Residencies up to date.

Club (A Life, Roppongi-Tokyo, Japan), Club (Shell,Yokosuka, Japan), Club (Earth,Yokosuka,Japan), Club (Yokohama Bay Hall, Yokohama, Japan), Club (Ubou,Japan), Club (Freak, Japan), Club (Bay Area, Yokosuka, Japan), Club (Pylons, Tokyo, Japan), Club (Code, Tokyo), Club (Pylons, Tokyo, Japan), Club (Code, Tokyo), Club (Geodanas, Yokosuka, Japan), Club (Asia, Tokyo Japan), Club (Noiz , L.A.), Club (Muse, Pasadena Ca), Club (Q-Topia , L.A.)

Has also spun at Club (Globe, Guam USA), Club (Aja, Guam, Guam USA), Club (Inn, Hong Kong, China), Club (Gaeeta, Italy), Club (La rumba, Columbia South America), Club (Cartahena, Columbia South America), Club (Loxs, Singapore), Club (Revolution, Mexico)

He has even spun at the Club (Orion) on numerous different occasions where he has headlined as well as a special guest at the FREEDOM FORCE and RESET party.

From here list just keeps growing. He has a residency with Quake-Records, Fadermasters World Wide (FMS), Oganized Noise, Yermom Inc., Neosapiens L.A., Mix-well Clothing Co., Mix-Well Clothing, Club (Shell, Yokosuka, Japan), Club (Earth, Yokosuka, Japan), Club (Freak, Yokosuka, Japan), Club (Ubou, Tokyo, Japan),Club (Geodanas, Tokyo, Yokosuka Japan)

Check out Syrus and FMS World Wide at the following link: