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Helsinki, Finland

Hardcore / Hard Techno

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Syntse got interested of electronic music on his early teens listening to Ace of Base and Scooter and similar. Before this awakening only right music was rock/metal Guns’n’roses and Metallica. The faster sound of Scooter early happy hardcore type of music took more control and early purchases of CDs were Raveyard cd and Ruffneck collection vol 3 so Rave and Gabber became one of the favorite sounds.

In 1997 Syntse visited his first big Rave event in Finland which was called Labyrinth, many stages with many genres available but somehow the longest stop was in the hardcore room. Few other raves also visited which cannot be remembered anymore. Then became long pause in raving due to other interests and obligations however the electronic music with harder and faster sound remained. In 2004 he was able to visit rave again in event called Säde classics which is organized by well known in hard scene in Finland Proteus, Neon, Triton, Friik. Syntse has visited the harder parties in Finland ever since.

Visiting the parties has influenced Syntse so that the main genres of liking has became Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Hard NRG, Freeform and Hardcore but he is also very open to all music and not close minded about genres and such. If it sounds good and makes you smile it doesn’t matter if it’s local rock band or top of the world hardcore producer.

Since visiting the parties actively interest of entertaining people with playing music to them grow also interest towards DJing grow while watching DJs at the parties spinning the vinyls which all lead to starting DJing in beginning of 2007 by purchasing own DJ gear and start practicing.

While actively visiting in parties in Finland Syntse has made himself known amongst the big names of harder music in Finland like Sasha F, Neon, Friik, Triton, Waily, Rx, Eewol, Jinkso. Also over the internet Syntse has made contacts to DJs from other countries like United States, Australia, Poland, Belgium, Spain and UK and has been invited to play in a club if ever happen to travel close by. The first real public appearance for Syntse was presents Hard ON! 28.6.08 @ S-Osis Turku, since then the appearances in Finnish scene has been increasing. Syntse has been performing in same events with names like Angerfist, Devillien, DJ Guld, Proteus, Zutsuu, Nomic, Sasha F, Neon, Jnks, Meke, Substanced and Sam One just to name few.

Syntse is also one of the founders and contributing member of community. is internet community for people interested in electronic music concentrating on the harder sounds. maintains site for it’s members for information sharing, organizes internet radio events and party events.