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Johannesburg, South Africa

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Trance

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It all started way back in the early nineties when Syntrax was given an opportunity to DJ for the annual primary school dance. Needless to say he jumped at the offer and soon became the envy of his classmates. Armed with two CD walkmans and a primitive mixer, he knew what had to be done… Soon the appetite for dancefloor devastation grew stronger and Syntrax found himself in heavy demand by his peers. The formation of a successful mobile DJ service was the next logical step in his DJ evolution. But it did not just stop there… The older folk too began taking notice and before long wedding receptions, 21st’s and 40th’s were appearing on the schedule.

The techno bug was yet to bite, but bite it did… in a big way! Syntrax realized that the only way to take this new-found passion to the next level was by investing in a set of pitch-control CD players. He recalled bunking school on the day of a landmark party – ‘The Sequel’ – to be held later that evening at his Fourways residence. Nobody expected 400 people at a house party! "I had only got my CD players the previous evening and had never beatmixed in my life, says Syntrax. “I needed to learn pretty darn fast, so I figured that missing a day of school was the least of my worries!” It wasn’t long before his true DJing talent became evident. It was about more than just mixing a few cool songs one after the other learning the timing, key and structure of tracks to create captivating DJ sets had become the core focus. Instead of dancing at the clubs, Syntrax would spend hours keenly watching every move of the DJ like a hawk, learning new techniques and analyzing each mix. “My friends used to get annoyed and tell me to stop doing homework! I guess they were just not on the same vibe,” he says.

Finally, vinyl records found their way into the mix and there was no turning back. This would soon see him making his way into some of Cape Town’s finest and most established clubbing centres. It was thanks to friend and fellow DJ – Judge-Mental – that Syntrax had a lucky break at The Gallery superclub. Before long, weekends (and some weeknights too) were being swallowed up with constant club appearances as well as a Friday night residency. Syntrax has also featured as a guest DJ at Dockside and appeared regularly on the line-ups of the infamous Back2Back parties hosted by Soundscape Productions. Major gigs include supporting DJ for Mauro Picotto at The Goodhope Centre, co-hosting and DJing on the old-skool floor alongside Judge-Mental at Synergy 2003 and a legendary 5-hour set at the Nawty vs Soundscape 2005 New Years Eve event at Thunder City. Syntrax has also featured on the same flyers as some of the world’s finest, including Rachel Auburn, Lisa Lashes, Organ Donors, Milk Inc. & DJ Isaac. Residencies were held at club ‘After Dark’ and Lush @ Sliver Upstairs in Green Point, Cape Town. Sadly these venues are no longer in operation. Syntrax is currently a ‘resident guest’ DJ on Radio X, South Africa’s only dance music station and has featured as a main floor DJ for OFF Productions.

His favourite style is best described as ‘the harder and darker side of trance’ but will venture into uplifting as well as harder territories. “At the end of the day it’s all about working the punters into a crazed frenzy and taking them on the ride of their lives! Reading the crowd and selecting those special tunes at the right time are crucial in achieving this,” says Syntrax. “I will always try new things and keep pushing the envelope.”