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At a young age Synnkraft always knew in one way or another that his future lay within music.

Coming from a non-musical background he was open to everything , but one specific genre of music caught his attention. It was the summer of 2000 and the supposed best years of trance music when Synnkraft stumbled upon a mix from the legendary ID & T event – “Sensation White”. Discovering that music like that exists with such beauty and emotion definitely got him hooked.

Immersing himself in the world that is electronic dance music , he felt he needed to share his love of this music with whoever would listen and DJ’ing was a natural outlet for this.

He enrolled himself at a local music school and took a course on DJing. After graduating at the top of his class he bought his first decks – a pair of Pioneer CDJ’s and a DJM 600 mixer. With this equipment he started doing small parties for friends and local highschool functions but soon found that most people in the community did not share his taste in music.

To spread the word he started the “music is religion” brand, which focuses on exploring the genres of electronic dance music (mainly house and trance), through a 2 hour online radio broadcast every week. The show itself started off small on a local server but word got out and it was quickly picked up by an online station in Southern Ontario where it was to open for Dj Elof’s E-love-loution show. The show started taking off, with listeners ranging from the west coast of North America all the way over to the UK.

Another DJ from the UK heard the show and asked Synnkraft to do a guest mix for his show which was comprised of mixes by new and up and coming talent. The mix went over great and was broadcast on a few online stations in the UK. With that exposure Synnkraft was quickly snatched up by another online station based in the UK which would syndicate the “music is religion” show every week.

Synnkraft’s sound has since evolved from the early days and has added the EFX 1000 into his arsenal.

You cant really put a label on his sound as it is constantly growing and changing. Coming from a trance background his sets do have a progressive element to them, but its not overpowering and there is excellent flow. Examples of what he has played recently range from tech-house to electro and full out techno and trance.

With bookings popping up all over the world this is the year to watch Synnkraft as he becomes one of the major players on the electronic music scene.