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Dj Synergy bought his first pair of turntables in 1992 after getting hooked when playing around on a friend’s setup.

After a couple of years of practice he decided he was ready to play in front of other people and got his first break playing at a local club as a warm up and fill in DJ. He then progressed to being the main DJ for the night but quickly got bored with playing typical, club cheese.

Since he had been into the rave scene for many years he started his own event with a friend as a place to play the music he really liked. This started late in 1994.

The events went well and built up a good following but finally ceased in 2002 when the big, local clubs started to run their own events with huge line ups that simply couldn’t be matched. He played at these rival events and decided that it was much easier to be a DJ than a promoter.

While this was happening he also had residencies at two local clubs: one playing garage and drum and bass on Saturday nights and a chillout evening on Sundays.

His career highlight (so far) was having a stage on the seafront for the Queens’ Jubilee in 2003 and playing the sunset set back to back to back with Two Friends to about a thousand people all dancing like loonies.