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Synchronic (Alisdair Taylor) simply lives and breathes Electronic Dance Music. Having begun his journey into music production with Trance, he has now found comfort in making House music. Showing that he is not afraid of versatility, Synchronic’s tracks have crossed into different types of House, including Progressive, Electro and Minimal. T his exploratory approach has paid off, as bouncy electro track “Jump Up” was included on LW Recordings’ “Global House Essentials vol. 4” and simple but affective minimal track “Progression” was featured on “Warehouse Anthems Minimal vol. 1”. With 4 single releases and 1 EP already under his belt, this past year has been fruitful for Synchronic.As a platform for new artists to be recognised and a mechanism for Synchronic to push out his own productions, he started label “Filthy Sounds” with friend James McConville in 2012. T his has given him the opportunity to nurture new talent and has been an enjoyable experience coupled with a steep learning curve. Filthy Sounds is gaining momentum, having enjoyed 13 releases in it’s first nine months with an artist roster spanning 6 countries and 2 continents .Synchonic’s mixing ability is always improving. T he combination of how he builds the set with his high energy and sheer love for the music has made his performances worth a watch. With festival dates lined up for summer 2013 and new material around the corner, there is most definitely more to come from Synchronic!