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The nineties drew to a close when Psychedelic Trance underwent an interesting development: Track arrangements were thinning out more and more, instead of being overloaded quite some productions now focussed on single sound effects, subtle placed melodies and extensive percussive compositions. According to its breaking-new-grounds style this popular subgenre soon had an own name: Progressive Trance. Brothers Stephan and Sirko Wötanowski were enthusiastic about this sound from its very first days and this early passion should be the beginning of a very extensive musical engagement which is without equal.

It was around 2003 when the two of them already had loads of party experience both in the middle of blasting dance floors as well as behind the DJ decks and they felt the urge to transform all this energy they had collected into their own music. As a consequence they found themselves spending quite some sleepless nights with twiddling knobs and working the keyboards in their studio from now on. And soon some proper results piled up on the hard discs: Dreamy melodies and spaced-out sound effects bedded on bouncing bass lines, everything kind of tidied-up and very up-to-date. The production quality reached remarkable standards right from the beginning and the driving psychedelic pressure of the tracks reflected all the years of euphoria and experience about Progressive Trance the producers had in their back. Symphonix was born. It is not a wonder that this sound caught the spirit of the age and hit world wide dance floors like a bomb; The Symphonix brothers rapidly became very welcome artists at parties and festivals all around the globe.

The excessive touring around, the different countries with their different scenes and different people of course meant a mighty source of inspiration. Soon another change within the Progressive Trance scene became apparent: Again the track arrangements were tidied up, the amount of sounds was reduced and more and more elements of contemporary club music found their way into the productions. This process provided some refreshing new perspectives for Stephan and Sirko and they broke new grounds in the studio. Because their passion for the original Progressive Trance was still very strong they decided to found a new project as a platform for their rather clubby experiments. True Lies obtains influences from various electronic music genres: There is Progressive House, there is Electro and for sure there is a proper potion of Trance, too. But on the other hand the sound of True Lies doesn’t fit exactly into one of these genres. It could be rather described as a hybrid construct which is based on Progressive Trance and reflects the ideas of up-to-date club music. In consequence the releases can be found in the cases of DJs keen to experiment from different electronic music genres.

Both Symphonix and True Lies are the musical result of the intense and very dedicated relationship the Wötanowski brothers have with the Progressive Trance scene. No matter if you prefer the classical version of this style with loads of psychedelic bounce or if you are fond of the rather modern and clubby tunes: With these two acts you will always find reliable clues for high quality music!