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Grosuplje, Slovenia

Electronica, Minimal

Synaptic Pathways
Symann Beatport


Symann was born in 1979 in Ljubljana. He started with electronic music in 1994 and after years of involvement in techno scene as DJ Ulix, he has decided to start a new era in his musical life. He has initiated Synaptic project in 2001 and is the leading man behind it.

Dj-ing experiences enabled him to add so called “synaptic” music to his repertory of records. He gave himself a new name, Symann, under which he plays, promotes and produces “synaptic” music. He is a resident DJ in Klub K4 with monthly events called Synaptic Bar and also performs on different festivals and other events. He combines science and art through philosophy of living what gives somehow unique approach to his ideas. His way of synaptic music when dj-ing is in deep dubby minimal, deep house/tech-house style interfering with different experimental electronic and instrumental chillout. Everything from 130 bpm to down tempo beats what has nice, warm and floating deep sounds. As a producer he creates mainly deep groovy, warm electronic music for dancing or just listening. He chills also on jazzy, classical and rhythm and blues music. There are no limits in chillout he says. Through years there were few influences on Symann’s perception of music. Among most important being early 1998/99 Evosonic radio, deep house and ambiental drum’n’base, DJ sessions. He has never been a fan of particular artist, but appreciate all, DJ’s and producers equally, in whose work strong emotions and life energy can be felt. But few, which he deeply respects are Frank Cochois, Jan Jelinek, Basic channel and all the rest of them who make him get shivered…