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Swi Tc Hca Che

Cape Town, South Africa


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SwiTcHcaChe started djing in 2003, mixing drum & bass, breaks, hard house & psytrance on vinyl. He is owner of PsynOpticz Productions and is also signed as a Dj to MMD in 2009, Fractal Records in 2011 and Spectral Records in 2012.

Discovering his passion for twilight psy he moved from playing house parties, to indoor events to outdoor festivals such as Jungala Festival, ZONE Festival, Earthdance Cape Town, Vortex, Prism Rezonance NYE, Origin, The Village, Beartrap, MMD, Groovy Troopers, Beartrap & Fu-cha Gatherings. He has played alongside leading psytrance artist such as Electrypnose, Orca, Hujaboy, Twisted System, Jay Om, Menog, Geko, Slug, Artifakt, Shift, Jibaro, Daksinamurti, Anestetic, Toxic, Digital Talk, Phatmatix, Illegal Machines, Xatrix, Deliriant, Rubix Qube, sG4rY and many more.

SwiTcHcaChe not only brings his psychedelic grooves, crazy breaks and dirty basslines to packed dance floors around South Africa but displays his passion for keeping the scene fresh and up to international standards by hosting Cape Towns JUNGALA Festival every April, ZONE with neXus MEdia every November & FROST-BITE every August with MMD. PsynOpticz Design creates themed ever changing psychedelic decor & lighting for every event. There is always a sick hot line up of local & international djs & live acts & a positive, rocking chemistry and energy.

Under his PsynOpticz label SwiTcHcaChe is gathering a collective of highly talented djs and producers that are rocking the psy, prog and minimal scene world wide!

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SwiTcHcaChe also owns a label with Bionic aka Nick Grater from Teknotribe Records. This label is called {psy.ology} records and is a combination of PsynOpticz Productions and Teknotribe. An amazing collective of music from psychedelic chillout, progressive, full-on and twilight. Music for a tastes worldwide!