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Rico Henschel was born in Berlin in 1980 and at the end of this eventful first decade of his existence his hometown was infested by a musical revolution – the first Loveparade. Infected by this event he bought his first 12" records at the tender age of 13 and dabbled in being a DJ at the old gramophone of his parents. But it needs two partners for a real friendship. So Rico started working after school, to afford two DJ-Turntables and with it the needed vinyl. Initially he played for friends on parties he organized on his own in cellars and garages, which was soon followed by gigs in bars and on small events. Consequently he also got into making his own tunes and started to develop his production skills. This led to his first release as Sweet n Candy in 2002 on the young label Musik Krause from Jena. This was followed by his first release on raum…musik and then his musical journey began. With his highly energetic but yet minimalistic sound he has steadily gained an international reputation and is now busier than ever travelling around the world to present his sound as a live-act and dj.