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!K7, !K7 Records, 240 volts
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An echo pedal was apparently the first thing which the Brits James Taylor and David ‘Brun’ Brown a.k.a. Swayzak acquired. For years they tinkered around with the possibilities of such devices in a London basement until friends were able to convince them to release their first EP ‘’Bueno’’ (1997).

At first, Brun wanted to create Ambient music. He couldn’t stand Techno until he discovered Basic Channel and Juan Atkins. And James, he produced Hip Hop. The attempt of bringing the two together suddenly created something new: Crunching House- and Minimal beats, dissipating planes and soundscapes hacked up by delay. The borders established almost classic song structures. Swayzak have consistently been able to impressively prove that vocals fit in a minimal track: Richard Davis, Clair Dietrich, Mathilde Mallen, Adult. and many others have been on the mic for them.

Their longplayers ‘’Snowboarding in Argentina’’ (1998), ‘’Himawari’’ (2000), ‘’Dirty Dancing’’ (2002) and “Loops from the Bergerie” (2004) established and cemented Swayzak’s unique position in the world of electronic music. With ‘’Swayzak Recordings’’ they founded their own label, which in the progression of time has expanded to include sub-labels such as ‘’240 Volts’’. Swayzak’s style speaks its own language. The Brits have nothing to do with hermetically sealed sub-cultures or DJ-circles. As James puts it: ‘’We hate the whole built up scene in England. We would prefer to work on our own stuff than go out to parties and hang out, the music should speak for itself.’’ And, it does. A sound, that despite Deep-House-, Minimal-Techno – and Electro-Elements stands much closer to the crackling, joyous experimentation of Dub than the clichéd patterns of building-block-technocrats.

Swayzak’s latest move also attested to this: Their double album “Route de la Slack” showed the whole range of their unique talent. It included previously unreleased rarities from 1994 to 2005, all of them proving the visionary character of Swayzak’s sound.

And the story continues… with their famous echo pedal by their side, and right on time for their 10th anniversary, the guys will drop their new album “Some Other Country” in late August on !K7.