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Sven Van Holt

München, Germany

Progressive House, Trance

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In December 1972 Sven was born in Bernburg (Saxony-Anhalt) and grew up in the socialistic eastern part of Germany, the then called GDR.

In 1988 Sven develop a taste for electronic music. It was starting with the first electro-radio-programme called “Maxi-Stunde” which was broadcasted in the Youth-Radio DT 64 “Power from the Eastside” each Sunday. Roland Urbanski inspired the audience with Kraftwerk, Westbam and other performers of electronic music, among them Sven: “As a 16 year old teenager I was sitting in front of the radio, recorded the songs and played it with friends at parties.” 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and so Sven bought his first tapes and enjoyed performers like Depeche Mode, Enigma, New Order, Simple Minds, The Prodigy and Front 242 and so on.

Finally, in 1995, he found a disco that suited his taste of music: the so called Live Music Circus in Koethen (Saxony-Anhalt). Trance-progressive tracks from the Netherlands and UK combined with techno sounds from Good Old Germany went down well not only with Sven, but also with the audience.

In 1998 Sven occupationally moved to Upper Bavaria (Germany).

Although in his thirties, Sven is just at the beginning of his career. Until now he just soaked music in huge undistinguished numbers, but in the future he would like to push electronic music further with his DJ-ing and give back parts of himself.

“People want to get entertained and every epoch produces a certain way of life. Since the early beginnings of mankind, dancing always has been an expression of pleasure and happiness and that is what I want, to give them a larger access towards music and dancing through my DJ-ing.”

And so he got himself two 1210s and a DJM-500 mixing desk in 2000 the first records were arranged and the mixing studies could get started.

Two years later he attended a DJ workshop with the Elevator docents (Lars Nielsen, Bosco and MGness) and crowds of music enthusiastic at Ibiza. Three times a day the up-coming DJs were patiently introduced to the arts of mixing and scratching. Beside this everyone had the opportunity to practise in the freestyle area. In a hotel disco they met for mixing lessons, shop-talking and technology tests. They exchanged addresses, arranged minor gigs and recorded tapes for the concluding DJ contest.

Since playing Sven in small privately parties as larger events all around the world.

“Music has to do with feelings in addition to that it smoothes the way for expressing yourself in a different way.”

That kind of music Sven tries to bring us near is likely called dance or techno in general, but that’s not right. Just like his idol Paul Van Dyk he plays electronic music. Now with the help of that type of making music a global youth movement has evaluated that breaks linguistic barriers and ethnic structures all over the world.

“There’s only one world we’re living in!”

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