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Suzie Del Vecchio

Los Angeles, United States

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Suzie Del Vecchio is a special voice that encompasses many angles of art. From operatic tones to pop, dance, r&b and also rock and rap, she comes from many influences in different languages. With her magical presence on the stage. Suzie is not only an astonishing dancer and performer, but has been recognized as a talented songwriter.

Suzie began her career after completing a degree in Communication at UC San Diego when she moved to Mexico City to pursue acting in the prestigious Televisa’s Artistic Academy (CEA), where she was supported by the academy’s director Eugenio Cobo not only as an actress, but as a singer when he discovered her operatic voice. She was later pulled aside to form an all girl band and signed to the newly ventured EMI/Televisa Music with legendary music executive producer Luis de Llano Macedo. The band led the Mexican soccer team anthem in the World Cup to Germany 2006. “Chiquitibum” was a national hit, and their second hit “Muevete” was the theme song for Televisa’s Saturday morning show, “Muevete.” As the front girl for the all girl band, Chic Pack, she made over 200 shows all over Mexico, LA, Miami and NY.

Post girl band, Suzie was invited by Mexican Television Director Guillermo del Bosque to host the most influential electronic music video show for Televisa’s music network TELEHIT for Josep Moreno’s Mas Label Music. Today known as EMPO TV, it is here where she welcomed the top DJ’s from around the world such as Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, ATB, Richie Hawtin, Dj Dan, and Paul Oakenfold into Mexico and Latin America as part of a TV music video show that reaches 60 countries, including the USA.

Suzie then moved back to LA to focus on music projects, while continuing to host segments for EMPO TV and covering festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and WMC.

Upon listening to a track recorded with a Mexican DJ, Paul Oakenfold traced the voice back to Suzie and they began to work on tracks. One of them, co-written by Suzie, titled “Mesmerized” and produced by Paul Oakenfold, caught the interest of major Mexican film producers Alfredo Harp and Christopher Hool, and was quickly licensed for the film and soundtrack “Volverte a Ver” under Santo Domingo Films. The track drew so much attention it ended up on Mexican radio before its’ due release and hit number 1 within a few days and peaked at number 1 for 2 months, and in the Top Ten for 6 months 2009.

Paul Oakenfold prepared “Mesmerized” for a global release under his imprint Perfecto Records with several remixes by hand selected respected Djs around the world, such as Hirofumi Ohta in Japan, Robert Vadney in Greece, Swedish Egil & Carl Noren, Adam White in the UK, Dario Gomez and Giorgio Brindesi in Mexico, and more. The anticipated release led to much interest for live performances around the world. Some of her performances included top Las Vegas hot spot “Rain” at the Palms Casino & Resort, and Hollywood’s Playhouse.

During the World Cup 2010, Suzie collaborated with Paul Oakenfold to bring an energetic enthusiastic song for the Mexican soccer team. Titled “Viva Mexico,” it became an anthem on Mexico’s Top 40 EXA FM network, as well as on Los Angele’s Top 40 Latin station Super Estrella 107.1 FM.

Her work with Paul Oakenfold extends also to vocals in his film scores, such as “Nothing like the Holidays” directed by Alfredo de Villa.

Suzie also recorded with America House legend DJ Dan in Spanish and English. “Baila Baila” was co written by Suzie, and was released in his first ever artist album titled “Future Retro” in 2010.

Suzie’s next collaboration brought her to legendary American Trance DJ Christopher Lawrence. The song titled “A Little Rush” was released through Curvve Recordings, drawing all trance fans from around the world. The music video was recorded at hot spot Hollywood Playhouse during Monday Night Social. Christopher Lawrence and Suzie Del Vecchio then surprised the trance audience at the major California Insomniac produced electronic dance festival “Beyond Wonderland” with a live performance in 2011.

She has recently collaborated with electronic music’s best engineers to produce a full length album that bring a genuine fusion of progressive house, trance, electro, and pop with a sexy edge and emotional pull in the vocal that has become part of her imprint.

Her recent collaboration with German DJ Producer Roger Shah for the trademark Sunlounger concept “Balearic Beauty” 2013 is titled “If you were here” and has beautiful album and chill-out mixes with a unique sound instrumental and Balearic sounds that accompany Suzie’s sweet yet emotional vocal. Written and recorded earlier this year, it was recently released in August 2013 and reached number 1 in Mexico’s top electronic station Beat 100.9 Fm. The album reached top charts around the globe and was named record of the year for MixMag Uk. A special remix package is to be released soon. Future projects with Roger Shah are due for release, such as a special song under the “Global Experience” album for Roger Shah.

Mexican DJ Producer Alex Midi, who forms part of Moenia, has also collaborated in an avant gaurde Spanish electro track with Suzie Del Vecchio for his forthcoming debut album “Beta” and is also expected for release soon.

Some of Suzie’s recent performances include Beat 100.9 FM Mexico’s Beat Teen Festival, as well as EMPO and Mas-Nescafe’s 10 year anniversary that was celebrated with Steve Aokie late Summer 2013. She also joined the lineup of the HHH Fest in Mexico City’s La Arena November 2013 alongside legend Paul Oakenfold, ATB, Fedde Le Grande, and Cedric Gervais.

In November 2014 Suzie sang at the Universal Music Latin Grammy’s The AFTER party in Las Vegas to celebrate the label’s new journey into electronic music. Suzie is joining Universal Latin Music’s new electronic label AfterCluv DanceLab to release her first album due 2015.

As she defends, music transcends dimensions: you can hear it, but you can’t touch it, yet it’s just like love, intangible.