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Susan Morabito

New York, United States

Electro House, House

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Morabito: The Dancer’s DJ

With impeccable taste and the rare ability to create a cohesive and seamless experience on the dancefloor, Susan Morabito’s sets transcend convention and transform a night of dance.

Susan moved to New York City in 1987, and in-between gigs she did what emerging DJs used to do – work at record stores. Not satisfied with merely working for one, she opened her own store in New York City’s West Village, called BPM. Within just a few years she was at the center of dance music’s summer residence in Fire Island Pines.

By providing musical inspiration at prestigious international fundraising parties Susan Morabito became a name on the circuit and headlined every major event across the US, including “GMHC Morning Party” on Fire Island, “Dance On The Pier”, “Stonewall’s 25th Anniversary” and “Alegria” in New York, “Dance On Washington” and “Cherry” in Washington, D.C., “Blue Ball” and “Blue Redo” in Philadelphia, “Zoo Party” in San Diego, “Gay Days” in Orlando, “White Party” in Palm Springs as well as “Black and Blue” in Montreal, Canada. She kept people dancing into sunrise playing after hours events during both Miami’s “Winter Party” and “White Party” weekends, and her own “Equinox” and “Climax” in NYC became part of history.

Captivating mixes and raw talent propelled her to the top, making her the first woman to headline (with DJ Paulo one year and Victor Calderone another) the most famous dance party in the world, the sexually infused, leather themed “Saint At Large Black Party” in New York City. She has played several other prestigious Saint At Large events, including “The White Party” with Peter Rauhofer.

Susan Morabito has graced every major club and sound system in NYC, from the legendary Twilo, Roxy, Tunnel, Sound Factory, Limelight and Palladium, to the more recent kings of the club scene, Cielo, Pacha, and XL. Her musical reach extends to gigs in Tokyo, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Milan and Amsterdam and across NYC’s cultural landscape, where she created the soundscapes to many must-attend galas by Calvin Klein, American Ballet Theater, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Sotheby’s, Martha Stewart, Anna Wintour and Robert Isabel. Susan was also the musical director for the fashion world’s most luminous event – The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute benefit gala tribute to icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Having released many continuous mix CDs starting with “The Black Party”, which featured a cover photo by David LaChapelle, she now produces an award-winning podcast. Recently Susan has also been focused on music production and remixing projects. The same meticulous standards and craft she applies in the booth are in evidence on all her releases.

Morabito’s instinctual understanding of music’s power and her ability to drive the night with a wide range of house – tribal, underground, progressive, and tech – is a signature strength. It is the reason she earns the appreciation and respect of dancers and peers alike and remains as relevant and current as ever.