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Montreal, Canada


Indiefy, ToCo Europe, Yes Mate Recordings
Superfly Beatport


DJSuperFly currently is the resident Main DJ at Montreal’s Famed Montreal Club Dome on Saturday nights.

Friday nights you can find him in the silver room at Montreal Club LaBoom

He has over 16 years of Professional DJ’ing experience in mixing his music. When he was younger he had always had an interest in playing drums and playing around with a beat and was once in a rock band. He and his older brother went out and bought two turntables and a mixer and a whole lot of records. At that time their company was formed, “Shockwave Mobile

productions”. They played many Sweet 16’s, High School parties and other gatherings.

When he turned 18, He played many College parties at the Club Metropolis, the Octagon, and club Jodie’s.

1993 when Montreal Club Dome first opened he started working with MCMario

Over his expanded career he has played in major clubs in Montreal as well as Sudbury Ontario, Quebec City, Toronto, New York City and Cancun Mexico.

DJSuperFly also has Television and Radio experience to his list of skills.

A local television show on Montreal’s local Global television channel 14, the show was called “MusicBox” . The hour long show was a mix of different types of Music video clips.

In Radio, he also worked for over 10 years with MCMario on his syndicated radio show “Party Mix”

On Montreal’s CFMB Radio he hosted a English/Greek with George Papadakos for about 3 years.