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Super Dre

Grand Rapids, United States

Electronica, Minimal

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A Michigan native, SuperDre is known as both a producer and a DJ. Taught by her mother, SuperDre began to actively pursue her love of music playing the piano at the age of six. When she was nine years old, she picked up the saxophone and went on to receive several awards for live performance and composition for both jazz and classical styles. Following her success with saxophone, SuperDre began to add more instruments to her arsenal–namely electric guitar and drums. After serving as the drummer for a local alternative band, SuperDre decided to rediscover her classical roots by picking up the violin. After years of classical and jazz music training, SuperDre began to use her technical abilities and talent on many instruments for digital dance music production. Never satisfied, she discovered a new love–the composition and mixture of classical sounds with electronic music. A pair of Technics turntables and a mixer were purchased… and the rest is history.

Whether it’s a live DJ performance, her numerous mix CDs or her efforts in music production, SuperDre continues to demonstrate why she has an ever-growing fan base and why she will continue to be a name to follow for many years to come.