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Sunivah was born in Germany on 15th of June 1984. She´s a newcomer dj in the uplifting and progressive trance scene.

For her whole live she has been a fan of electronic dance music. At the age of 20 she went for the first time to Talla 2XLC’s Technoclub at U60311 in Frankfurt on the Main where she got infected with the beautiful and fascinating sounds of the high class trance scene. Since that day, she didn´t want to miss it any more and startet working for Technoclub. Visiting lots of quality trance events like Technoclub, Trance Energy and so on, she more and more fell in love with this unbelievable feeling of being surrounded by pumping basslines, energetic rhythms and dreamy melodies.

Because of her love to the music, Sunivah wanted to learn more about the mixing techniques of the dj´s and that´s why she started djing at the end of 2009. About sixth months later the first dj sets have been ready for take off…