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Suncraft is a Trance / Electronic producer from Scotland, UK. His love for electronic dance music first started in the 90’s when he was enticed by the underground club/rave scenes. After experiencing many of the dance music genres over the years he was most drawn to Trance and he closely followed the rise of today’s trance stars such as Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyke to name but a few. Instead of being drawn to house and dubstep as some electronic artists seem to have gone over the past year, Suncraft has continued the ‘classic’ style of uplifting & progressive trance since starting to produce music in 2008 inspired by the likes of of Push, Airwave, Cosmic Gate & many more…

Suncraft is on a course to make a massive impact in the trance music scene and with many releases due out soon on Trance4Live Records, he could not be happier, doing what he loves best. Watch this space…

Join Suncraft on Sunday at 11pm (UK Time) every fortnight only on Global EDM Radio for “Trance Classics Vs Underground”