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The significance of music in Dj Sun’s life can best be described with his saying “My life belongs to music”. Djing for more than 10 and producing for nearly 5 years now, Dj Sun is one of the most successful DJs and producers in Lithuania organizing club events across the country and releasing quality music to the world music markets.

As a teenager he already had shaped his music preferences listening to Kraftwerk, Visage, Secret Service, The Off, Depeche Mode, etc. and was one among pioneers of underground culture in the city.

Hosting a couple of radio shows has given him a chance to present to bigger masses the clubbing culture and underground music. Airing the mixes of famous foreign and Lithuanian djs and announcing club guides for the upcoming weekends, latest news and all-you-need-to-know-about-clubbing tips has helped to take the club scene in this part of Lithuania to the next level. MIXTEAM was born at this time and navigating clubbers through the oceans of electronic music was their primary goal.

Year 2005 was exceptional for him. Two of his and producer Fyzo tracks were picked up by DJ Chus, released by Tribo recordings and appered in DJ Chus and Pablo Ceballos hype charts. “Tarabanda/Lortnoc” has been also included in the charts of Dj Andry Nalin (Nalin & Kane), Piliavin & Zimbardo, Southpaw, Craig Demo, Feredico Guist, Hypno, Danny Graham and many others. It was played on Frisky radio, Eccentric beats radio, European hit radio, and Kiss100 during “Happening” radio show (hosted by Tom Stephan aka. Superchumbo).

Soon after that, Dj Sun discovered a young producer Virus J and delivered a quality EP “Cocain/Get Drunk” for Piliavin & Zimbardo’s Distraekt Records offshoot label, Distraektions. The record was rated 8/10 and described as “superb deep EP” in the I-Vibes. In club music tops “Cocain” reached the 6th place in Holand.The EP got big support from Djs like: Eric Entrena, Thomas Penton, Moshic, Piliavin & Zimbardo, Anthony Pappa, That Kid Chris, Peter Rauhofer, Chus & Ceballos, Maurel & Fauvrelle, Aldrin (Zouk), D-Formation and legendary John Digweed.

After these releases he’s been busy in the studio producing, manufacturing, and creating new tracks and remixes for famous foreign producers. Tronso & Stian Klo’s ‘Sodium Lamp’ (Dj Sun and Virus J remix) was highly recommended by Flash Brothers, Aldrin (Zouk, Singapore), Murray Richardson, Kenny Wee, Red & Blue, Stu Hirst, Steve Parry, James Benitez, Anton Fielding (Echomen), Shafunkers, Louis Osbourne, Damon G and Stel Alexander.

In the year 2006 he was awarded the “Vakaru Ekspresas”/“Citizen of the Year” award for “MIXTEAM PROGRESSIVE ARENA” open air, street dance contest “YOU DANCE!” and many other venues in Lithuania.

Other releases include:

DANNY GRAHAM – Sick As A Dog (Virus J & Dj Sun remix) – Adjust Recordings- 2006

NATIVA &DEEPMINDS – Tribal Kult (Virus J & Dj Sun rmx) – Adjust Recordings 2006

UNCLE CHUNKY – Ninja Driver (Virus J & Sun Dirty Remix) | Z Tribe Records – 2006

SUN & FYZO – I Am | Z Tribe Records / 2006

MR. ROGERS – Monster In My Closet (Virus J & Dj Sun rmx) -Adjust Rec. 2006

VIRUS J – I Want More ( Virus J& Dj Sun dub) – Adjust rec. 2007

DAMON G – Frequencies (Virus J & Dj Sun Remix) – [WiFi] 2007

TIM DAVISON – Beneath the Radar(Virus J & Sun Dirty Remix) Pure Substance records 2007

TIMMY & TOMMY – Massive Passive(Virus J & Dj Sun remix) Full Body Sound System / 2007

VIRUS J – Road A6 (Dj Sun remix) -[Redflux Cinnabar]2007

MASHTRONIC – Truncated (Virus J & DJ Sun Mix) Benchmarc 2007

JURGA – 5th Season (M.P.3 records) – 2007

VIRUS J & DJ SUN – Eyepopper (Drag N Drop rec.) – 2008

Forthcoming releases:

VIRUS J & DJ SUN – We Are The Robots (Nightshade Music)

THEE-O – Wanna Fuck (Dj Sun aka Bisquit Plum rmx) (Redflux Cinnabar)

STEVE ANGELLO – Sansation (Dj Sun aka Bisquit Plum rmx)


ECHOMEN – Perpetual (Dj Sun & Virus J rmx) (TBC)