Location: Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia
Genre: Progressive House
Alias/Collaboration: NEMA, OPTIKA, EAST ENDERS
Labels: 19Box Recordings, Nervous Records, Tweekd Digital, Tweekd Tunes


Language: English

Sumantri, now a Jakarta based DJ / COMPOSER / PRODUCER, started DJ-ing at high school dances during the Euro-House era, founding a name for himself in Boston. After five years in the business, he gradually retreated from the DJ-ing scene to devote more time to his producing interests.

Since then, he has never looked back, working with artists, producers, and clubs in dance music communities across the US for over a decade. His tracks have received the acclaim and support of the industry’s leaders, including Jondi and Spesh, John Digweed, Darren Emmerson, Sasha, Steve Lawler, and Danny Tenaglia. His remixes feature the works of eminent artists such as Chab, Nukem and Madonna. The MINISTRY OF SOUND caught appearances of his work, and subsequently released two of his prominent tracks on their compilations. His musical conquests have paved the way for record deals with POD recordings, Regress recordings, CHUG, Dorigen, DMC UK, and the latest VAPOR recordings deal with Australia prominent producer/DJ Kasey Taylor. His recent works are featured under the names OPTIKAand NEMA, marking yet in another milestone in the house music industry.

“Dangerous, watch this guy out on decks, and you never thought he is also an excellent dance music wonder!” (MURAT UNCUOGLU – Istanbul)



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