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Beginning in the hip-hop and RNB culture, Dj Sultana made her first scratches at the age of 15. In this time she began to attend the DMC Belgium where she learned all the techniques of dj-ing. Caught by the phenomenon of House and vague Electro that was breaking through the world, she turned to House- Electro. A new horizon opens for her.

Today, Dj Sultana excels in her music and skims the clubs all over the world (Eastern Europe, Ukraine, China, Croatia, Portugal, Turkey, Indonesia, the United States etc.). She brings a fresh, energetic, ambitious and innovative style by completing her show with a sensual and sexy dance. Dj Sultana is a visionary artist. Well aware of her potential, Dj Sultana continues to make music that makes the dance floors move. The year 2009 looks promising because she will produce her first album with other big artists. A promising future is announced for this attractive and brilliant woman who certainly will be one of the well known artists of the House-Electro stage.