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Drum & Bass, Electronica

AKA: Hada Guldris

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SUKA is the work of singer/songwriter Hada Guldris. Her style blends electronic music with elements of Soul , Pop, Hip-Hop and Drum and Bass.

The energy of her lyrics convey attitude and a strong personality in her songs where she clearly expresses her social commitment and her love for humanity. Her music is full of sensuality, optimism and originality.

In May 2013 SUKA release her Debut Album " THE NORTH NODE". Recorded , mixed and produced with Oscar Pablos “Ojah” at Rollover Studios in London.

The Mastering of her Album debut " THE NORTH NODE" is being done by Anthony Lim who has worked with artist as:Dave Allen ( the Cure) Peter Green, Akala, Dub Pistols,My toys Like me, Miss Dynamite, Maverick Saver,Skunk Anansie , Roots Manuva…etc at Rollover Studios ( London)

SUKA has been developing and defining her unique quirky sound that can not be confused with any other artist, whilst collaborating in different international projects. She has great interest in composition, performance, and music production. In this album with it’s exciting new sound, SUKA is not only the singer and songwriter but she has also co-produced it .

Her Album Debut " THE NORTH NODE" has different collaborations of artist from all over the world as :British artist Dan Bowskill from the group “Dub Pistols” and the rapper Dfect ,Dj Dizar ,Canadian singer/songwriter Lila Rose and Californian Raper Raw-G, Cameroonian Poet Radikal Queen, Argentina Bass player “Paula Batallánez” ,the producer Sr.T.Cee and Most-Hi (Ojah & Moasley Parr)

Before to start her solo career she has been working as a singer,B.V and Mc for different artist of the music scene as: Mala Rodirguez ( Latin-hip-hop Grammy 2007)Soraya arnelas( spanish dance/singer) Tawk ( Trip-hop Miami studios Area 61) Zoism ( Drum and Bass ) Flaco Barral ( international blues musician)and Dark Archives Collective ( Doctor Smoke, Dj Muerto, Dj Focus)

Suka has performed at major festivals all over the world.



Music from the soul ( 2010)

E.P : fight ( 2012)

The North Node ( 2013)



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