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SUBIMPACT a.k.a “Kheiro & Medi” are two Upcoming rising stars from Oran, Algeria, the capital of RaïMusic.

Kheireddine Amenna and Medi Bellebna, both born in 1990 are medical students, fell in love with trance music at a very young age after hearing Paul Van Dyk “For An Angel” they are a huge Fan of Paul Van Dyk, and always dreamed of being producers themselves.

Kheireddine and Mehdi started producing in 2010 using Fl Studio, a digital audio workstation. Their preference is for tech trance, uplifting trance, emotional and progressive trance and their influences include John Askew, Bryan Kearney, Aly & Fila ,Sean Tyas, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Activa, Indecent Noise , Chris Metcalfe , Sly One Vs Jurrane and Andy Blueman.

2011 saw the first amazing releases from SUBIMPACT – the Mystery Fiction / Shooting Star EP with Nu Communicate Recordings, Turn it On with Detox Records and the brilliant The Blind Side with Eyereflex Records.

Kheireddine and Medi both live for music and thoroughly enjoy producing and working together.They are one of the most talented upcoming producers . Their dream now is to share their love of music with people throughout the world. And from what we have heard from them so far they have every chance of achieving their dream.

SUBIMPACT have a very bright future ahead of them and can only get bigger and better. So lie back, close your eyes, listen to SUBIMPACT and allow yourself to travel to a different world…

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