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Like a lot of good things it all started in a basement. A series of parties hidden away underground in the heart of London…..hence Sub Secret. A duo who’s mix of beautiful cinematic melodies and dark driving techno has found a grateful audience around the world as well as in their London home.

Since their inception in 2007 few have seen the faces of the duo but their distinctive presence has be felt by many of London’s regular party goers. Firm believers that the audience listen with more than just their ears and becoming bored of seeing the same facedown DJ’s, standing behind the desks and "maybe"’ once in a while would look up at the crowd, the duo have taken on their masked “Sub Secret” Alter egos whenever they play.

Friends from University Stephen Fewings & Mark Standerline decided to start sharing with the world their common love of big melodies and driving basslines through their productions. With their first tracks 5AM and Schizo’clock getting the attention of CodeKontrol Crew and being released as their first EP “Para la Manana” on Mind Abilitry Records.

Sub Secret are ceaselessly working and endlessly innovating. When not in the studio writing original material or remixing tracks they can be found out playing parties across Europe or more recently taking care of the running of Mind Ability Records.

Sub Secret creations oscillate from breath taking deep techno runs like “Rambo” or “Side Clap” to heart ripping melodic trips, such as “Wir Schauten Nicht” and “Only the Beginning”.


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