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DJ Stylo’s (pronounced Stee-low) focus and specialty these days is mainly House, deep, soulful, and jackin’. Recently described by the DC Examiner as “super hip”, he also has a vast repertoire of Downtempo styles, ranging from Nu Jazz and Neo-Soul to Brazilian, Dub Reggae, and to underground, noncommercial hip-hop rhythms filled with the pulsing sounds of urban life. The DJ has been hired to showcase his unique blend of sounds at a variety of events, including clubs and lounges, art gallery shows, and private parties from Miami to NYC.

In collaborating with others and working solo, DJ Stylo has also been busy with producing and remix projects. Notable remixes include Michael Jackson’s Wanna Be Starting Something called Start Something (2009); collaborations with duo Lazerbitch on their hit Coquette (Stylo’s Don’t Look Remix)(2010); the original Becoz (2010); re-edits from Damien Marley called All Night House; re-edits that feature Hip-Hop legends Black Sheep in This N That (2011); re-edits born from Boney M’s Daddy Cool called Cool Daddy (2011); and a remix for Romanian star Anda Adam and her song Show Me (Stylo’s Stay Remix).

Stylo performs regularly with Lust4Life ( and Scandal (