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“Your beats are so damn tight! …Love your work. Keep em coming!”

Todd Edwards

“Stupid Fresh: The final word when it comes to quality jackin’ club music. His records never fail.”

Bass Kleph

“Stupid Fresh help put this sound on the map. His sound is always fresh and original. He has learned to adapt and stay way ahead of the game”

The Aston Shuffle

“Stupid fresh: The nasty sweat in my post-Algerian play off pants. In a dancey way. Because of him, I’d rather jack than Fleetwood Mac. And I love Rumours! Fact. ”

Lord Fader (The Loose Cannons)

If you haven’t yet encountered Stupid Fresh – without doubt the stupidest, FRESHEST purveyor of full-fat jacking house music anybody has heard this millennium – then well where the hell have you been?

The once upon a time duo – Tod Hodge and Chris Elliot to their mums – have very quickly risen from virtual unknowns to download chart-roasting, scene-leading heroes of international renown. And when they’re knocking out some of the most eye-wateringly effective dance floor music of recent years, it’s hardly surprising, is it?

Stupid Fresh’s trademark blend of sledgehammer beats, elephantine bass, and lashings of groove has won support across the board from their peers, radio, bloggers and most importantly, dance floors. The duo are also dab hands behind the ones and twos, commended for their sicker-than-an-Ebola-outbreak sets, and have rubbed shoulders with names like Jesse Rose, Jack Beats, Jesper Dahlback, Fergie and Richard Dinsdale. (The latter of whom they are lucky to still be on cordial terms with, after an unfortunate flatulence blunder in a DJ booth when they first met. It wasn’t just the tunes that were sick that night…)

The story began back in 2005 when the boys met a DJ competition in Leeds. Sharing a love of naughty basslines and 80s pop, they decided to hook up and make some beats. Little did they know of the monster they would create.

After getting mad props from the Leeds scene, the track ‘Ho’ was licensed by Chew The Fat! and took pride of place on Hook n’ Sling’s compilation for the brand in July 2007. The buzz soon grew. It wasn’t too long before Tod and Chris had hooked up with Bombsquad head honcho Micky Slim, who snapped them up for the ‘Sticky Fingers’ EP, which sent download sites into overdrive.

Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of airports, clubs, parties and one or two embarrassing incidents along the way. Stupid Fresh have achieved everything from becoming virtual pop stars down under with their remix of The Aston Shuffle’s ‘For Everyone’ ram raiding the Aria charts at Number 1 and getting their tunes played by Moby, to being urinated on by a noted hard dance DJ (who shall not be named) in Ibiza. Judge Jules loved them so much after their appearance at Judgement Sundays in San Antonio that he invited them to stay another week, while a mammoth tour of Australia in 2008 led to Ministry of Sound selecting them for another Aussie jaunt in 2009 with another planned for the end of this year. Safe to say, it’s been busy.

Fast forward to 2010 and Tod is seen to lead Stupid Fresh from the front as a solo beats machine with Chris leaving for Canadian shores (and a certain lady friend). But with numerous tracks doing well in the download charts and with international tours in the bag and indeed in the pipeline, you can already tell that Stupid Fresh is here for the duration.

Now, as Stupid Fresh sits astride the world of electronic dance floor music like a veritable colossus, continuing to lead where many can only follow, Stupid Fresh has turned his attention to the launch of his new label ‘Get Fresh,’ which sees him teaming up with some of the hottest producers around for some exciting collaborations along with showcasing the freshest up and coming talent on offer. With all this and more to look forward to, all the signs are pointing to 2010/2011 being stupider, and indeed, fresher than any since. Watch out world.