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Stunt Doublez

Philadelphia, United States

Open Format, Trance


Born Mahmoud & Khaled Barqawi, the Palestinian Brothers arrived in Philadelphia in 1992. Through many years of adapting to their home, they discovered something hasn’t changed about their lives: their passion for music.

They grew up listening to 80’s Disco Music & 90’s Hip Hop Music & in the year 2000, Mahmoud (Moo B.) was introduced to Trance and Hard House by his best friend. He went home and began a collection of hundreds of Trance & House songs. At the tender age of 18, he fell into promoting & party throwing at Chrome Nightclub in Philadelphia. He quickly became friends with popular local DJs such as Chris Costanzo, John E, & Robbie Tronco. At 19 he decided to take his passion for the music one step further and bought his first CD Turntables and Mixer.

Khaled (Khal) is Moo B.‘s younger brother. He grew up heavily influenced by music, as well as influenced by his brother. He quickly found interest and passion for Trance & House music and started spinning. In less than a year, Moo noticed how rapidly his brother’s talents grew and decided to book him at his weekly parties at Deco Nightclub & Lounge One14 in Philadelphia. The feed back was tremendous. He rocked the dance floors hard and caught the attention of many promoters, DJs, & regulars in the club scene. He also adapted to the scene really well & fast.

Moo B. & Khal’s friendship grew very strong, and so they became: Stunt Doublez. The catchy name was given to them by Philly’s DJ Tommy Boy (TBM) because of how much they look alike, and it stuck. Since the beginning of the year 2005, they spun at many Philadelphia Venues such as Emerald City, Lounge 125, Lounge One14, Metro Lounge, The Halcyon Gallery, & Atlantic City’s TRU Night Club. Every time, they bring everything they have, and leave the crowd asking for more. Never an upset, these 2 will be sure to mature rapidly in the dance scene and DJ culture.

“Welcome To Our World… Here We Go.”

-Stunt Doublez