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A musical connoisseur with style and deepness – a recent guest who just left a nightclub described the sound that he had heard over the PA as “Great sound – the Breakbeat roots are unmistakable!”

STU PATRICS is probably one of the most versatile and talented performers of our time. He can analyze the moods of his audience and also stimulate the crowd to expand their horizons. He plays with the dance floor, he plays for the party crowd, and for every one of his Disciples in the dance area.

Over the past three years he has developed and maintained a following with increasing loyalty, so that you can now expect to see Patric’s fans at every party at which he plays – due in part to his numerous projects. Starting with his own party – the Family Recipe – it has all of the North Rhine-Westphalia format – with up to 1,500 guests enjoying the evening as it falls into musical ecstasy.

As a trained graphic artist, he is a child of the new media generation. His instinct for the right merchandising and the visual arts generates a kind of childlike enthusiasm in his audience, and has brought him the standing that he now achieves. Stu Patrics is and remains STU PATRICS.

His musical talent, his sense of delicate dexterity during a set and his sympathetic nature have led him not only into the trendiest clubs in Germany, but also gained him appearances throughout Europe. This year, for example he has been a welcome guest on the Spanish coast.

STU PATRICS future is more than promising and we can assume to hear much more from this underground Dortmund inhabitant, with his sense of skills and technology.

He develops constantly and can also now boast some alter egos of his own…

If you are excited by new music, you should stay on the lookout for news of his all-round talents at a club near you!


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