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Lahore, Pakistan

Hip-Hop, Open Format

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Audio Productions / Compositions & Compilations / International DeeJay & eMCee / Remixes / TV Broadcast Props.


All about a new revolution; defining the new era of sound, lights, entertainment or rather simplifying the very Art with Creativity and how WE as human beings may relate to it.


The Founder of S.T.T. Productionz; S.T.T. also known through many years as the legendary Desi 2pac or Saber as in Saber Toothed Tiger Productionz.

S.T.T. started off in his early teen years; as the most notorious gifted artist that they hardly could stand to believe. The very first Gig of his life was at 13 Years of age when he was switching tracks & cassettes at a New Year’s Party. No one knew that the kid’s belief had a unique focus towards feeling good to see others happy. Bob Marley’s music was always around to make him learn many different prospectives of life in that era. His father used to be in a famous local band back in the late 70’s; one of the leading bass guitarist who did his many concerts in his supreme days and trained his son well to take on a journey of life. S.T.T.‘s Uncle used to be a Lead Vocalist & guitarist for a band called String Fellows back in the 80’s. Early age tutorials about the world of music was genuinely in practice; At the age of 18 as S.T.T. was living mostly in Toronto, sometimes California or many a times even New York; among the cultures of urban dynasty, he learned how to blend-in to the right subject and carried on his education while he had finished setting up his first ever temporary home based Studio in Toronto.

S.T.T. started making Remixes in 1999 and went Live for the first time at Digital Business Solutions Canada. He worked there at the Studio as an Audio/Video Editor and due to the standing out work performance; he was given the most tempting opportunity to make money selling Indian remixes in the local Indian and Pakistani community.

In 2000, S.T.T. finished his second album at an amateur studio level which had a hot solo with Reggae and Rap vocals. The song REAL 187 SOUND was a job well done indeed and in a very less time, the word of mouth had many people waiting to actually hear it live. It was hard almost impossible for a Pakistani born Artist to earn good reputation among masses and groups of people who listened to Rap, Hip-Hop or Reggae music and maybe promoted it as well. S.T.T. was always surrounded by several critics and people who just wanted to hate for no apparent reasons but he’s known to keep his calm as he never gave up on the random promotion of his abilities, creativity and his variable talent infrastructure.

In 2001, S.T.T. had started working with a bunch of emcees from the west side town in Toronto. He finished his third Album with featuring underground artists like G-money, Gambino, Devious, 360 degrees, Rudy, Shack and Pablo. These Underground artists are today well known rappers out of Canada who are continuously struggling to make a name worldwide. This third un-released album by S.T.T. had attracted many regional Rap lovers; one of the tracks was a big hit in the underground market of music. It was MEAT HOOKS; a mix of urban, desi and hiphop music. The tracks from the third album were sold on a CD to anyone who showed interest to buy them.

The mission really was to offer a different and unique way to put music together while the real message is still conveyed at the end of the day. Fourth album was finished by the start of 2005 as the small studio setup in PK had slowly gathered a fair amount of attention. For this album, a lot of new talent from Lahore was given a chance to get trained on how to do good vocals, pitch and lyrics etc. A female vocalist; Hushma at one point was singing at S.T.T. Productionz and she had done a few tracks including the woofer banging hit; LAHORE DE MUNDEY. Another track called CLUBBING ALL NIGHT had a party touch to it with a bit of desi collaboration. This track featured Hushma, Jason P.B., Dj Trix & Dj Nomi from KARACHI APNA RADIO STATION 107 FM. Epix aka Dj Nomi did an excellent job for his first vocals and he also promoted his track on the 107 FM radio station Karachi.

The team at S.T.T. Productionz is always looking for new talents, new ideas and new tactics to improvise. The Production house was recording eight different vocalists to finish the fourth album which has been designated as the first commercial and non-explicit piece of art by S.T.T. Productionz.

The name S.T.T. Productionz was registered as a legitimate company by the end of the year 2006.

In 2007 around the start of the New Year; S.T.T. finished his fifth album which was mastered to have the public perceive a blend of progressive and emotional vibes as they get tuned to this piece of art. The genre of this album was solely merged into the local music market and the large group of Partyholics.

End of the year 2008, S.T.T. had put together a fine piece of work which he called the ‘Remix Department’. The very Desi tunes which many party animals requested to play at the jams were now available as a refix. Thanks to one of the best International Deejays in Pakistan, who had put together a brilliant collection of remixes which had dominantly changed various perceptions for many people about House and Tribal Progressive music. Also during this year, VJ Jewel from K-town chose to fly over with his Channel Play Production team to launch a new show called ‘MC CLASH’ which got its own recognition for being the first ever HipHop/Rap show on TV. The S.T.T. Sound Crew was seen on four consecutive episodes of Channel Play. MC CLASH shortlisted S.T.T. to win a title for the best rapper voted out of Lahore.

After mastering many diverse audio frequencies back at the studios, in 2009; S.T.T. was now dominantly spreading the aura of exclusive remixes and was able to materialize the top number of performances in a year. He strategically trained a few Deejays while at work and utilized their creativity for a few low budget gigs. Many photo albums and video coverages from selected gigs were promptly shared with the increasing number of fans worldwide. A new track released by S.T.T. called L-town had gathered an immense amount of feedback and respect from many locals. This tune had featured S.T.T. Sound Crew members: DMC and Haida-Z (the punjabi rapper).

Year 2010 was simply the best year ever in the history of S.T.T. Productionz as there were a series of forthcomings and a series of developments which had re-shaped the entire infrastructure. S.T.T. was chosen to be the official Deejay for a TV show called VIP’s ONLY which had proudly hosted 25 top fashion and music celebrities of PK (some of these 25 episodes are still played on AAG-TV). This particular contract with an international TV channel had marked an exclusive event for S.T.T. as he was now the first ever International Deejay in the history of PK to be ON-AIR weekly, 25 times in a row. The audio mixes for all the episodes were solely improvised and mastered as the audience got Live in the mix with S.T.T. Media interviews (e.g. Fashion 360, Channel 42, Play TV etc.) had followed all along as the next contract was now to perform as the first ever Resident Deejay at Cafe Rock. After a few months, S.T.T. was chosen to be the Official Deejay for the most massive event in town: IMRAN KHAN Live in Concert along side many featuring artists and a thumping crowd of 7000 people (Approximately). An enormous increase in the number of fans was witnessed as the total figure was now going over 2500 (in more than 20 countries worldwide).

In Year 2011, S.T.T. was chosen to be the first Official Resident Deejay, eMCee and Sound Engineer at work for a new International restaurant: ’Ciro’s Pomodoros’ which indeed is still known to offer the best Italian Pizza all around the world. The media interviews reflected the performances at the ‘CP’ opening ceremony which had catered many top influential figures in town. 14th February 2011 had marked a 30th Birthday for S.T.T. as he had always wanted to share a positive vibe, the positive energy with everyone which sort of gave birth to a few surprise birthday parties and a series of events during the Birthday Bash weekend. There were almost 3000 people worldwide who picked the moment to wish and to make sure that he certainly feels connected to a mass audience all over the globe. Urban Prince Records, the first ever Hip Hop/Rap Label in PK had chosen S.T.T. to be their Official Deejay, Producer and an upcoming Rap artist.

Company Overview:

An on-going Collaboration of more than…

60+ TV Appearances /

25+ News & Magazine Articles /

150+ Event Performances /

10+ Radio Appearances


Under procedural attempts to visualize a dream, we found an icon for a promising infrastructure in 1998 & now in 2012, after working with INTERNATIONAL Vocalists, Producers, Directors, MC’s & DJ’s; we strive to maintain our Matrix of Creativity.

Basic Info:

Started 1998

Genres: Rap / Hip Hop / Reggae / Soca / Chutney / RnB / House / Tribal Progressive House / Dubstep / Drum & Bass

Hometown: Toronto / L-town

Gender: Male


Studio Recordings @ $25 per hour, DJ remixes, Audio and Video Engineering and *Event management.

Personal Interests:

Always looking for new talents, new ideas and new tactics to improvise.

Contact Info:

[email protected]……

Saber Toothed Tiger