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Music has always been a powerful means of expression for Strider. Although his multifarious influences provide him a unique and balanced perspective on music, Strider most closely identifies with the psychedelic intensity and deep rhythms in Hard Trance. Striders diverse love for music began at 15 when he performed as rhythm guitarist/back-up vocalist for hardcore 80s Metal band, Decapitator. The Grateful Dead found him shortly after, and there began a nine year journey. After Jerry Garcias death in 1995, Strider briefly encountered Hip Hop, with such memorable show highlights including Snoop & the Dogg Pound with Tupac, Pharcyde, and Souls of Mischief. Toward the end of that same year, however, Strider started yearning for something more. He began noticing rave flyers around the end of 1996, and finally made it out to his first party in early 1997, Full Circle by George and Rave Olympia. Though he arrived near 3AM, he already new he had found something special. To this day it stands out as one of the most intense experiences of his life. From there he never looked back, going out every weekend, and by New Years 98 he bought his first decks. Thanks to Philippe and Neo Sapiens, he had regular gigs from 1998-2001 under the moniker, DJ Wade. He took a break from DJ-ing for a couple years but his devotion to the scene remained. 2004 saw his debut under the name we now know as Strider. Hes had a slow start, performing intermittently at a couple of 26C events and friends parties. But every gig is special to him because its another chance to impart his passion for beats and love of the scene. A technically tight set is just as important as the care he takes in choosing the tracks that he feels need to be heard. And for him, witnessing the effect that the music has in connecting a crowd to the energy of the moment is nothing short of exhilarating. Lately hes been given more opportunities to share this love thanks to some really wonderful people, including Armenian Tim of Fresh Entertainment, Ryan & Cheshire from What You Want Productions, and Pat from S.C.C. (Super Cool Crew).