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Sopron, Hungary


Minimal And Melodies Music
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Streako – Marcell Deme – was born in Keszthely in 1984. He came to like the sound in his youth and the emotional background of the modern electronic dance music. His favourites are not the most well-know artists: Autechre, Spinform, Aphex Twin, Aural Float, Christian Morgenstern, Isoleé, Jeff Mills, Ken Ishii, Leftfield etc. He started his career as a dj in 2003. First of all techno and hard techno sounds prevailed over his sets. In 2004 his stlyle underwent radical changes, he turned round the electro sounds because of the effect of work such as artists: Ellen Allien, Fischerspooner, Luke Slater, Tiga, Dopplereffekt. Later he build the style-mark of electroclash in his sets. He made his mixes without a chosen artist-name, he has been known since 2004 as Streako.

He and some of his mates established the Deaf Company Production in the beginning of 2005. Their aim is to organize parties, introduce this style and make it more popular in Western Hungary. Thanks to the team these modern electronic music parties are more and more popular and well – known nowadays. The monthly organized Deaf Company party series entertained djs who have never played in Sopron. The Company wants to fulfil the gap of this music trend in Sopron and Western Hungarian party-life. Streako organizes the parties but he takes part in setting up the image and does the bulk of artistic part. Certainly he is one of the dj in this production.

Mostly, his present style can be called electrotechno & minimal-techno, but the classic electro style – marks can be found in his music as well. Otherwise he is not averse to playing the electrorock, acid, tech-house, minimal, neotrance, dub techno, and classic techno discs. He is especially fond of such excellent artists’ works as Depeche Mode or New Order. The easily-flowing sounds signify the afterhours mood as long as the dance oriented, dynamic electrotech means the gyration and affection of modern sounds to him. He has found the feeling of life and dynamic in this style essence which is principally typical of him.

Member of Oversized Records since 2009, with Bourne, Dandy, Invoice, and Julio Escalante (P).

He feels it a great honour having already played together at parties and festivals with like Kraftwerk (D), Alter Ego (D), Oliver Huntemann (D), King Unique (UK), Mihai Popoviciu (RO), DJ Godfather (USA), Nad Mika (D), Hot X, Igor Do’urden, Coyote, Junkie & Hawky, Collins & Behnam, Sikztah, Sinko & Wamzer, Newl, Asa & Max, Palotai, Moonline, Bernathy & Son, Nora Naughty, and more…

Resident at Pub Fiction Club (Sopron – H) since March 2006.


Pub Fiction Club (Sopron – H)

Mono ElectroniClub (Budapest – H)

Petőfi Csarnok (Budapest – H)

Balaton Sound (Zamárdi – H)

DumDum Festival (Győr – H)

A38 (Budapest – H)

Corvintető (Budapest – H)

Justmusic FM (Budapest – H)

Supersonic (Budapest – H)

Hangár Music Garden (Sopron – H)

Tilos Radio (Budapest – H)

Trend Music Club (Pápa – H)

Mediawave Festival (H)

Garancsi-Tó Electronic Music Festival (H)

BalaTone Festival (H)

Megaherz Festival (H)

K2 Backyard (Budapest – H)

Menta Terasz (Budapest – H),

Dürer Kert (Budapest – H), and more…